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Bupropion or generic Wellbutrin SR: Applications and Uses

People who have depression can choose from a number of prescription drugs, both generic and brand name. It is not unusual for depressed patients to use the brand name drug Wellbutrin, which is also available in a generic version called Bupropion.

If Bupropion has been prescribed for you, it is important that you understand the many useful ways in which this prescription drug can be utilized.

Although Bupropion is normally prescribed to treat depression, it has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of health issues such as ADHD, panic disorders and is even helpful for those who want to stop smoking. For that purpose, it is marketed under the brand name Zyban. Side effects that are commonly linked with tricycle antidepressants usually do not occur when patients take Bupropion because it is not a tricyclic composition. Because of this, the generic drug Bupropion is very useful in treating a number of health issues.

Whether one uses Bupropion to treat depression or to stop smoking, 100 to 150 mg doses can be taken as frequently as three times per day. The maximum dosage is 300 mg. Since it takes time for the effects of Bupropion to be noticed, many patients find it beneficial to begin by taking a lower dose and gradually increase the dosage over a period of several weeks.

Generic Wellbutrin can be used to treat depression, ADHD, panic disorders or to help one stop smoking, but as is the case with most drugs that are approved by the FDA, side effects can occur and some patients should not use the drug. The most frequently reported side effects include lack of appetite, loss of weight, confusion, restlessness and even sleep issues. When patients first start taking Bupropion, they may experience headaches and dizziness, but these symptoms normally dissipate eventually.

Treating ADHD, Panic Disorders, Depression and Involved in Smoking Cessation Programs

Patients who experience seizures should not use Bupropion and it should only be used with extreme caution in women who are pregnant or nursing.

Bupropion should also not be taken by people with high blood pressure, suicidal thoughts, or those who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

A number of prescription medications are available for those who have depression, ADHD, panic disorders or who want to quit smoking. But if you have more than one of these conditions, using generic Bupropion may allow you to treat all of them by taking just one convenient pill. Check with your health care provider about using Bupropion to treat several symptoms rather than using several medications to get similar results.

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