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Getting a Smooth Ride on Any Wheels

How can you avoid nasty shocks and jolts that result in falls?

There is one very simple way to ride smoothly regardless of your sport. You need to use the shock absorbers nature built into your body.

This means that you must always stay loose, don’t lock your knees and elbows. On skates and boards, leave your knees slightly bent. Watch pro skaters, they rarely stand with their legs straight out. Your knees will absorb the impact of bumps and you won’t loose your balance.

Now on a bike there is a little more to it, forget the fancy shocks built into your bike. These can help on really rough rides, but your shocks only take up a fraction of what your own body can. Also mechanical parts wear out and fail. It would be a mistake to rely on the bike shocks to work every time.

On your bike, set the seat height to allow you to stand on the petals with your knees slightly bent. On road bikes the seat height lets your legs straighten out when you are sitting on the seat. This is to high for MTB. You need to be over the seat more often than on it. (Remember lots of rocks and bumps).

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